episode from esquire photo shoot

에스콰이어 2012년 1월호. 백종열, 홍장현 grafik:plastic 관련 인터뷰가 있었습니다.
홍장현에게 키를 맞춰주려고 백종열은 다리를 벌려주고 찍었으나 홍장현은 얼굴사이즈를 맞춰주려고 앞으로 나서주지 않았습니다.

Jan 2012, Esquire presented an interview from Zong Baik and Jang-hyun Hong regarding grafik:plastic. There was a hilarious happening at the photo shoot. For Jang-hyun’s short height, Zong spread his legs for adjustment, but Jang-Hyun did not go front for adjusting their face size.