what you feel when you wear grafik:plastic

"arron"의 최종 모습입니다. 써보시는 순간, 착용감을 느껴보세요. 디자인만큼, 디자인보다 저희가 더욱 집중했던 것은 "착용감"입니다. grafik:plastic의 아이웨어는 안경을 쓰는 순간의 바로 그 느낌을 위해서 무수한 테스트를 거쳐 고안되었습니다. 저희의 노력이 누군가에게 편안한 안경이 되어 만나기를 진심으로 바랍니다.

This is final appearance of “arron”. When you wear them, feel the glasses. Like design, for going beyond design, what we concentrated on was “Wearability” Through dozens of tests, grafik:plastic eye wear was designed to be having a glimpse of feeling at the moment of wearing glasses. We sincerely hope to find our effort pays off for someone’s comfortable glasses.