데이빗핀쳐. 그 이름을 여기다 붙여야겠다, 마음 먹은 건 십초도 걸리지 않았습니다. 물론 허락은 받지 못했구요.-_-  "세븐" 오프닝의 충격 이전 저는 "에일리언"에서의 충격이 더 컸고, 영화감독 이전, 광고를 만들 때 역시 핀쳐감독의 개인기는 압권이었죠. "패닉룸"에서 거실문에서 달려오는 카메라는 커피포트 손잡이 사이를 지나가더니 층간마루를 뚫고 지나가버리는 그의 카메라에 대한 생각. "세븐" 못지 않은 "파이트클럽"의 오프닝. 마지막까지 속이고 속였던 "게임" 
그게 이 디자인과 무슨 관계야? 라고 물으신다면. 없어요.

David Pintcher. Let’s use his name to it. It did not even take 10 seconds to decide to put his name. Of course, I did not get the permission from him yet.-_- opening of “seven” was a shock, prior to that, I got more shock in the “alien”, before a movie director, when he was making ads, pincher’s performance was overwhelming. In “panic room”, his thought of the running camera from living room’s door that moves through coffee pot handle and passes ground between floors. ‘Fight club’s opening was just as similar as ‘seven’. Till the end, never ending deceives “game”. If you ask me, what is that has to do with the design? Then, my answer would be ‘no’.