"best of the best"

grafik:plastic은 "reddot design award : product design 2012 : winner"을 수상한 데에 이어 "reddot design award : communication design 2012 : best of the best"으로 선정되었습니다. 사실 부문상도 저희에게는 큰 사건이었는데, best of the best는 더욱 큰 사건이었습니다.
product 부문에는 제품의 디자인을 평가 받은 것이고, communication 부문에서는 gp2000, 즉, 소비자의 사진을 저희의 패키지안으로 적용한 그 방법에 대한 평가였습니다. gp2000 작업이 정말 시간과 에너지가 많이 필요한 일인데, 이번 일을 계기로 더욱 박차를 가해야겠다는 생각이 들었습니다. 저희팀은 독일로 떠납니다. 2012.07.02 시상식을 위해서죠. 시상식 현장모습은 이미지가 오는대로 업데이트 해드리겠습니다.

grafik:plastic was awarded "red dot design award : product design 2012 : winner" and moreover, selected as "red dot design award : communication design 2012 : best of best" In fact, speaking of field of awards, design award was already enormous hit, but best of the best was real gigantic hit for us. In product field, mainly design of the product was evaluated and in communication field, gp2000, in other words, evaluation for our package of proposal of applying our authentic consumer's picture. gp2000 work is time and energy consuming and we thought we should go full speed ahead on gp2000. Soon, our team will be off to Germany for awards ceremony on july 2nd, 2012. We'll keep you posted with scene of ceremony as soon as we get to grab some pictures.